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The world's first reusable space debris remover.

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About Us

As our space industry accelerates, we find ourselves surrounded by a growing menace - space debris. The remnants of old satellites, spent rocket stages, and countless fragments pose an ever-increasing threat to operational spacecraft, future missions, and even human life. Travelling at almost 10x the speed of a bullet, this orbital debris threatens to create a catastrophic domino effect that could render crucial orbits unusable and impede our progress in space exploration.

This is where we come in. Paladin Space will pioneer the world's first re-usable debris removal satellite that has the ability to capture, orient, and remove multiple small debris targets. This unique technology will allow for other novel initiatives such as in-orbit recycling, debris characterisation, situational awareness and more. With this, Paladin Space are poised to become the world's most desirable solution for sustainable debris-removal.   

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Dead Spacecraft In Orbit

Rocket Bodies In Orbit

Mission-Related Debris In Orbit


Fragmentation Debris In Orbit  

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Meet The Team

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Harrison Box

Creator and CEO

Harrison has been an award-winning Systems Engineer, working on a variety of future military aircraft, radar technologies, avionics and automotive systems in countries such as Scotland, England, America, Turkey and Australia. He holds a first-class Master's in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Glasgow, a first-class Postgraduate Diploma from Cranfield University, and published a liquid rocket engine design paper that was presented to numerous space agencies including NASA, ESA and JAXA.  The idea for Paladin Space was sparked early, after writing a Master's thesis on the subject of reusable concepts for space debris removal.

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Joshua Bautista

Mission Design Engineer

Joshua has a wealth of experience working in a variety of roles such as a Project Engineer for a successful startup in Australia, a System Architect for an internationally recognised engineering consultancy firm, and a Lead Systems Engineer for one of the world's largest defence contractors. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a passion for space, Josh has combined his past engineering experience with his love of space to be the lead Mission Designer for Paladin Space.

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Cameron Flannery

Technical Advisor

Cameron has had the unique experience of working in the space sector for SpaceX as a Satellite Systems Engineer, a Manufacturing Engineer for Tesla, and played key roles in a series of startups in California that received VC funding. His variety of experiences within the various sectors and company stages are immensely useful in guiding Paladin Space in the right direction.


Hannah Vine Hall

Mechatronics Engineer

Hannah is a qualified mechatronics engineer with valuable experience working in a variety of major space companies within Australia such as Myriota, Saab and Inovor Technologies. Hannah's expertise in mechatronics is crucial in the building, testing and evaluation processes that Paladin Space is currently undertaking.

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